Pulque is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the agave plant.

Pulque is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the agave plant. 

It is not the equivalent to a wort (in relation to Whisky) or wine (in relation to Brandy) that can then be distilled into Tequila, it’s a completely different drink altogether. It is made by fermenting the sap of certain types of agave plants. In contrast, Tequila & Mezcal is made from the cooked heart of an agave plant.

Pulque is traditional to central Mexico, where it has been produced for millennia. It remains widely popular, and many find its flavour addictively zingy (reminiscent of kombucha). The plain variety of Pulque (there are flavoured versions) has an opaque milky colour. It’s quite sweet, a little fizzy and bright on the tongue with a subtle yeasty note.