London Dry

London Dry is used as a term to signify either a process and / or as a flavour style.

Confusingly London Dry is often used as a term to signify both a process and type of gin production and / or as a flavour style.

London Dry does not tell you anything about the place a gin is made, nor does it mean the gin was made in London. It’s not about geography whatsoever.

As a flavour style, London Dry is synonymous with classic, juniper forward gin. It is understandable that many use it as shorthand for this, but it is also short sighted and incorrect as there is nothing preventing a London Dry Gin from being floral, spiced, citrussy and indeed, there are hundreds of examples of this around the world.

London Dry was historically and remains to this day a term defined by process legally protected by metrics linked to production, not flavour. When we use it across the site here, we always intend it as such. To a ‘London Dry method’ or made in a ‘London Dry style’ is always about production, not flavour.