Negroni Rosé

A lighter version of the Negroni, ideal for more subtle or Contemporary styles of gin.

As far as we’re concerned, the Negroni is more an evening drink. We’re always tempted by it on a boozy lunch or afternoon drinks with a grazing platter, but we’ve got enough respect for its potency and bitter profile to steer clear. Still, like moths to a flame, we need something  an equivalent to fill that place in our hearts for an early tipple.

Enter the Negroni Rosé – a version of the drink that gives the impression of a a lighthearted, luxurious twist, with enough gin to stimulate your senses and enough citrus to trick your tongue (and brain) into thinking it’s nothing but a short, simple summer sipper.

It's not though, it's just as boozy, so just think about it for a minute before making a second….

1 serving
  • 25 ml Gin
  • 25 Rosé Vermouth
  • 25 ml Aperol
  1. Add all ingredients to an ice-filled glass and stir until cold. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass and garnish with grapefruit peel.


The Negroni Rosé suits contemporary gins as the vermouth is less heavy, while Aperol is less bitter. Pick lighter gins with strong citrus or floral top notes and watch them sing in this combination!

If you make a small version (10ml per part), you can top it up with soda water for a brilliant, complex twist on a Spritz.

Negroni Rose, Aperitivo
Negroni Rose, Aperitivo


30ml Gin
30ml Lillet Rosé 
10ml Italicus
Grapefruit peel to garnish

Add the gin, Lillet Blanc and Italicus to a mixing glass, and stir until condensation forms on the outside. In the meantime, lightly spritz the grapefruit peel over a second glass filled with ice. Strain the amber-coloured nectar into the second, then sit back and sip. 

Swapping the bitter component of a Negroni for something bright and and sweet is a brave move. With the bergamot-tastic Italicus in hand though, it works. Consider it akin to Med-basin version – one that conjured up memories of riverside days in Southern Europe.

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