The Americano is the perfect Aperitif for those looking for what to pair with snacks...

Incredibly simple to make and even easier to slip down, the Americano is made with equal parts Campari and Sweet Vermouth, with a splash of club soda.

If you've ever wanted a light afternoon or evening drink, or ever dreamed of the perfect Aperitif - this is it.

1 serving
  • 1 Part Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 Part Campari
  • 1.5 Parts Soda Water
  1. Add the Vermouth and Campari into a rocks glass filled with ice. Stir to mix and chill.
  2. Add Soda water and garnish with an orange zest.

The Americano may not have the cult-like following or cachée that’s grown around the Negroni, but the major advantage of the drink is that it's low in alcohol. The lighter nature of the serve makes it an ideal choice summertime drinking!


Lemon or orange garnishes are interchangeable as far as we're concerned. We've always gone with the later, but don't be shy to experiment as it changes the drink quite dramatically. 

The Americano's simplicity belies its complex flavour. The choice of vermouth is all important here and the ideal time to try the livelier, fruity end of the spectrum. Brands like Regal Rogue and Belsazar are good examples of fruity, bold and vibrant vermouths to use in the mix. 

Americano Cocktail
Americano Cocktail


The Negroni casts a long shadow. The Boulevardier (a Negroni made with whiskey instead of gin) and here the Americano (Negroni’s predecessor) are almost always forgotten. Truth be told however, even lower in the pecking order is The Milano-Torino, which is what the Americano grew out of.

It is thought that the 'Milano-Torino' was first served in the 1860’s in Gaspare Campari's bar in Milan. The Milano-Torino (or "Mi-To") was named after the ingredients' native Italian cities: Campari is from Milan and sweet vermouth is from Turin. 

The cocktail soon evolved to include soda and became even more refreshing, and having grown in popularity with the influx of Americans it became dubbed as the Americano.

Despite its temporary relegation to the second tier of Aperitivo cocktails today, The Americano has a glorious and cultured past. Arguably, more so than the Spritz and the Negroni when it comes to literary references. It’s even one of the drinks Bond in Fleming’s Casino Royale, while in “From a View to a Kill”, Bond orders Americanos at cafes. 

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